Declutter to De-Stress

messy house

Is it time to take a look around and get organized? Studies show that clutter tends to increase stress – and nobody needs more of that!

Here are a few ways to de-clutter:

  • Take it room by room. Or, closet by closet, Or drawer by drawer. However you do it, break your project area into small, reasonable tasks.
  • Use technology. There’s really no reason to have stacks of paper sitting around anymore. Take photos of your child’s artwork, scan in your business receipts, record that appointment in your Outlook calendar. Throw the papers away, knowing you have an electronic copy of everything you need!
  • Limit yourself. Whether it’s programs on your desktop or pictures on your mantle, set a reasonable limit and don’t let yourself have any more. If you want to add another appliance to the kitchen counter, make yourself take one away first.
  • Set out four boxes. As you sift through things, put everything in one of four boxes: One to keep, one to give away or sell, one to relocate and one for trash.