Dad's Guide to Winning Mother's Day

dad cooking

Hey guys, want to win at Mother’s Day this year? Women can be hard to buy for, we know. Some don’t like massages. Some sneeze at the sight of flowers. Some moms want a day with their children. Some moms want a day with no one! Young moms are more apt to want sleep, while moms of teens would cherish new memories. But here are a few things you can do that are bound to be a hit, no matter the mama:

  • Housecleaning. Pay someone, round up the kids, do it yourself - it doesn’t matter. But give mom the gift of a deep-cleaned house. She will be so glad to have someone else dust the chandelier for once!
  • Cooking. Whether you go out to eat or make her favorite at home, take mom’s biggest chore off her plate for the day. (Or make enough for leftovers so she gets two nights off!) Don’t forget that cooking is not a gift if you don’t clean up afterwards. Do the dishes.
  • Weeding. This one is great for the kids, because even littles can pull weeds. They’re closer to the ground, right? Make sure to teach them the difference between mom’s favorite flower and a weed, then send them to work! Mom will be thrilled to enjoy her gardens!
  • Referee the kids. Anticipate brewing problems and deal with them before mom does.  
  • Buy an annual grocery delivery service. Come on, grocery shopping is so 2015. Today’s mom has better things to do with her time than shop for produce. So pay the annual fee and load the grocery app onto her phone.
  • Laundry. How amazing would mom feel to have every piece of laundry washed, folded and put away? It’s the gift that keeps on giving ... for a few days, at least.

Overall, Mother’s Day is a time to show appreciation for all the things moms do. And while we know that moms can’t possibly be replaced, honor them by taking on some of the tasks they handle every day. Mom will appreciate the break — and you might find that you appreciate mom a little bit more.