Creative Ways to be Healthy

kids meal

We love seeing kids embrace their health! That's why it's so exciting that this is Every Kid Healthy Week, a time when schools nationwide promote eating better and moving more. Of course, that's not something that has to happen only at school. Check out these ideas to incorporate better health with your family at home!

  • Play with your food! Go ahead and break that age-old rule. Instead, have fun by making art with produce. You could make a piggy out of a watermelon, or a monkey using bananas and pancakes. Get creative, using berries for eyes, apple wedges for ears and banana slices for a mouth.
  • Host family competitions. Who can jump rope or hula the longest? Who can win a footrace? Who can dunk the most baskets in a game of HORSE?
  • Cut 'em cute! Use cookie cutters to make adorable shapes for your fruit and veggie trays. That will entice your little people to eat a rainbow of produce!
  • Set up circuits. Visit your neighborhood park or backyard swing set. Take turns using each piece of equipment for, say, three minutes. That means swinging for three minutes, going up and down the slide for three minutes, and climbing the rock wall for three minutes.
  • Involve your kids with the prep. That could be anything from planting and tending to a vegetable garden, to helping slice and dice in the kitchen. When kids are involved in making or growing their food, they are much more likely to enjoy eating it!