Celebrate Dads!


Dad. Also known as King of the Castle, Ruler of the Remote, Tickle Monster and Cannonball Teacher. We love dad every day, but Sunday is his day to feel some extra love! Try spoiling him one of the easy meals below and get to enjoying all things dad!

  • Steak and veggie kabobs. Serve with corn on the cob or roasted red potatoes. Tip: Put all the meat and veggies of choices (zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, eggplant…) on their own skewers. These foods do not all cook at the same time and temperature, so you could end up with over- or under-cooked foods when they are blended.
  • Whole roasted chicken in the slow cooker. Tip: Make four same-sized foil balls and rest the chicken on top. This will prevent the chicken from sitting in its juices and getting soggy. Serve with baked beans and side salad.
  • Sheet pan shrimp boil. Try this recipe for a crowd pleasing meal.

And don’t forget dessert! Save some time for cannonballs and grab a pre-made pound cake, a box of strawberries, and some whipped topping. Enjoy, dads!!