Can Crusader Clinic Patients Have Their Baby at Swedes?

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If you’re confused about the new rules for maternity patients at Crusader Clinic, you’re not alone. We get questions all the time from Crusader Clinic patients who want to have their baby at Swedes, but they’re not sure they have a choice. Fortunately, they absolutely can choose Swedes for their delivery.

If you’re interested in having your baby at Swedes, here’s what you can do:

  1. Choose one of our great maternity doctors who will deliver your baby at Swedes. 
  2. If you already have a Crusader Clinic doctor and don’t want to switch doctors, you can still come to Swedes when you’re in labor and one of our on-staff doctors will deliver your baby.

Why Choose Swedes?
All moms and babies expect and deserve the best. That’s why at Swedes, we make every delivery special. For years, we’ve been the place more moms trust to deliver their little ones. We have the area’s most popular obstetricians, the newest and most beautiful birthing suites and an award-winning team. Plus, we accept all insurance types – including Medicaid.

Swedes is a wonderful place to have your baby. Your maternity care at Swedes includes:

  • Pregnancy (prenatal)/obstetrical care
  • Prenatal education including childbirth classes 
  • Complete care for high-risk pregnancies by onsite specialists
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists
  • Ultrasound, non-stress testing
  • Labor and delivery care
  • Spacious remodeled rooms allowing you and your baby to room together 
  • Access to our Special Care Nursery if your little one needs extra care
  • Complimentary massage services during your hospital stay
  • Room service (Yes, we even celebrate the big day with cupcakes!)
  • Breastfeeding Support Group and onsite lactation consultants
  • Infant security system and NicView technology

Make an Appointment 
If you don’t already have a doctor or clinic, contact one of these Swedes Maternity Care clinics to make an appointment.