Brain Boosting Breakfasts

kid eating

Don’t let your kids start the day on an empty brain! Help them kick their smarts into high gear with a brain-fueling breakfast. Believe it or not, the foods they eat can actually help them perform better in school.

Try some of these tasty ways to start the day:

  • Yogurt parfait. Layer protein-packed yogurt with high-fiber cereal, omega 3-filled walnuts and berries packed with antioxidants.
  • Egg sandwich. Top an English muffin with an egg and cheese for protein, then tomato and spinach for antioxidants.
  • Smoothie. Blend healthy frozen berries and bananas with milk and flaxseed.
  • Waffle parfait. Top whole-grain waffles with berries, yogurt and flaxseed instead of syrup for a brain-boosting treat.