Bike Safety Tips

kid bike helmet

Before the kids take their bikes out this spring remember these easy safety tips:

  1. Know your hand signals and use them.
  2. For children age 8 and younger, know the rules of riding on sidewalks.
    • Ride slowly
    • Announce if you’re passing on the right or left to go around walkers.
    • Watch for cars pulling into or back out of driveways.
    • Stop on sidewalk before crossing streets.
  3. Know the rules of the road when riding on the street.
    • Ride with the traffic on the right side of the road.
    • Watch for doors being opened in parked cars.
    • Stop at all stop signs or red lights.
    • Do not weave in-and-out of lanes.
  4. Know how to check the bike for safety: reflectors, brakes, chains, tight handles and seats
  5. Make sure the bike is the correct fit. A child should be able to touch toes to the ground while sitting on the bike.
  6. Always wear a helmet that fits correctly – fitting on top of the head with two fingers between eyebrows and the helmet, the chin strap snug but still able to chew gum or yell if needed.