Benefits of Tea

cup of tea

January is National Hot Tea Month! Our Registered Dietitian Molly Sleger says there are loads of benefits in a cup, including hydration, warmth and antioxidants. Here are a few of her “Tea Facts.”

  • Antioxidants found in tea is good for heart health and possibly cancer prevention.
  • Tea is lower in caffeine than coffee, making it a good afternoon beverage.
  • Generally black tea has more caffeine than green tea.
  • Herbal tea does not contain any caffeine since it does not have tea leaves.
  • It's the most widely-drank beverage (behind water) in the world.
  • Nighttime tea can be part of a sleep routine to help improve sleep health.
  • Tea with honey can help with a sore throat.

Tea Tip: Make sure to steep tea 3-5 minutes (typically) and then remove the tea bag to avoid bitter flavors.