Benefits of Having a Sibling


They might be pesky or bossy, but siblings have their own unique way of keeping us healthy! Dr. Christina Soriano, a family medicine physician in SwedishAmerican's Byron office, grew up as one of five children. These are the healthy reasons she's grateful for her siblings:

They keep us physically fit. "This may start early in life -- in trying to outdo one another – or by having an activity partner on-hand for a game of volleyball or tennis later on," Soriano said.

They make us tolerant and sympathetic. Siblings can genuinely sympathize with us when things don't go as planned, soften setbacks and encourage us to reach our goals.

They help us become our better selves. For as long as I can remember, my brother has always loved to read," Soriano recalled. "Younger siblings so often imitate the older ones, so my curiosity developed and I ended up taking a liking to it as well."

They are a good source of mental boosts and emotional support. You always have a sounding board, from the mundane to the most interesting conversations

Laughter is the best medicine – and our sibs make us laugh. They always seem to get our quirky sense of humor -- or at least, they have to, right?