Benefits of Chocolate


This is the best news we've heard all week! Researchers say chocolate is not only good for you, but it causes you to eat less! Could it be true?

Indeed, doctors say that chocolate has been known to reduce appetite. And you can top that off with the fact that chocolate is a mood-booster (hence the reason moms everywhere have a secret stash in the cupboard for the witching hour).

Regular chocolate consumption is linked to improved cardiovascular health and lower risk of diabetes. It is known to improve blood flow which, among other benefits, also makes for better skin.

Of course, your doctor isn't about to tell you to take on a diet of cocoa Puffs and chocolate milk. The downside of chocolate is that it is often served with a lot of sugar added and nutrients removed. It's also often eaten in large quantities -- which, sadly, does not give you even greater health benefits. 

So here's the key: A couple of squares of dark chocolate a day are a great addition to your health regimen. Cocoa Puffs are not.

Now, enjoy!