Belly Sensitivity


Even if you don’t have Celiac Disease, your belly still might feel better without gluten! Research is inconclusive, but doctors believe some people are gluten-sensitive, though they may not be struggling from Celiac.

About one in 100 people have Celiac, but as many as six in 100 might be gluten-sensitive. Both conditions include symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain and fatigue.

Those with Celiac find that their immune system attacks the lining of their intestine when they eat gluten, the protein that makes bread rise.

People who are gluten sensitive don’t test positive for Celiac disease because their bodies don’t develop the auto-antibodies that a Celiac patient has. Still, they might find that they feel better without gluten in their diet. In that case, an altered diet might be a good choice.

If you suspect you have trouble tolerating gluten, talk to your doctor to rule out Celiac Disease before starting a gluten-free diet.