Be Prepared and Stay Safe

tire in snow

Winter is officially here. No matter the destination, every winter driver needs to be prepared if something goes wrong. Preparing a winter storm survival kit for your vehicle is a must.  Always know that you could potentially be stranded for several hours depending on how severe the storm. Be sure to include things that will help you stay warm. Here are a few items you should have in your winter storm survival kit:

  • Blankets or a sleeping bag
  • Change of clothes in case your clothes get wet from wading around in the snow
  • Hat, gloves, and perhaps a heavy coat
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First-aid kit
  • High-calorie, non-perishable food items such as energy bars 
  • Candle with water-proof matches so that you can melt snow for drinking water
  • Basic tools such as a shovel, a sack of sand, windshield scraper/brush, booster cables, knife, compass, and a tow rope

Above all else, stick with your car if you are in a remote area. Plow trucks or rescue vehicles can spot your vehicle but may have a tough time finding you in the snow. If you are going to run your vehicle make sure the tail pipe is clear from snow and roll down a back window just a bit while the car is running. Only run your car for 15 minutes every hour to save your fuel. Most importantly, keep your fuel tank over half full all winter just in case you get stranded. 

Be prepared and stay safe this winter.

Tom Pratt is the Manager of Emergency Medical Services at SwedishAmerican.