Back to Sleep!

kid sleeping

Back to school also means back to sleep! The school bus is mercilessly on time come the first day of school, and a drowsy brain isn’t the way your kid wants to start a new grade. Even as little as 25 minutes less of sleep each night can lead to lower grades! So bedtimes need to start reeling in well before the year starts.

And if you think we’re only talking about the kids here, think again. Those Netflix binges will also come back to haunt parents who have become used to sleeping until mid-morning during the summer.

Be pro-active in establishing these three tips – for you and your kids - before school starts:

  • Set a bedtime (and stick to it!). Remember that elementary-aged kids need 11 or 12 hours of sleep a night, while older children need eight to nine hours. Figure out when they need to go to bed, based on when they need to wake up. Then gradually move toward that bedtime, hitting the sack about 15 minutes earlier each night until you are consistently tired at bedtime.
  • Create a routine. Taking a bath, reading or bedtime prayers are all good ways to calm down and make your child begin to get sleepy.
  • Wish technology good-night. Screens not only can prevent you from becoming tired, but they can make it hard to put down and go to sleep. Turn off all technology an hour before bedtime, opting instead for a good, old-fashioned book!