Are you overpacking?

mom packing

Sometimes, a mom just doesn’t learn her lesson. Driving down the highway with a sniffling child in the backseat, I realized that I almost never carry tissues with me. I’ve been a mom for nearly 11 years. I have four runny noses to wipe. Yet, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t have a Kleenex on hand when I need one.

That’s one of those things that all moms should have in the car at all times. There are a few other things, as well. If you also need to bulk up on your roadside supplies in 2018, make your way down this “Mom’s Emergency Car Kit” supply checklist:

  • Kleenex. Well, obviously.
  • Sanitizer. For those moments when you walk out of the bounce house place and your famished kid finds a leftover sandwich on the car floor.
  • Baby wipes. If you didn’t leave infanthood with a serious addiction to the many useful properties of baby wipes, you need to pick up that diaper bag and start over again.
  • First aid kit. For less than $20, you can pick up a fully-stocked kit from just about any pharmacy. Perfect for those playground cuts and bumps.
  • Pen and paper. Not only great for note-taking, but also for entertaining kids who need to draw on a long ride.
  • Disposable bags. Great for everything from stained clothes to carsick kids.
  • Headache medicine. Because they frown upon wine in the carpool line.