And baby makes....four!

Baby Makes 4

Bringing a new baby home might be exciting for you, but it can be unsettling to a big sibling. For a child who is used to undivided attention, or to being the baby of the family, the arrival of a new baby can signal jealousy or insecurity. 

Check out these tips to help your child get ready to become a big sib:

  • Make any routine or room changes well before your due date.
  • Spend time showing your child pictures from when they were a baby.
  • Read age-appropriate books about families having new babies.
  • Visit friends with babies.
  • Bring your child to a routine doctor's appointment so they can hear the baby's heartbeat.
  • Ask for your child's help in choosing potential baby names.
  • Explain what your hospital visit will be like, and have your child help you pack. Then, have your child visit soon after the baby is born. If possible, do it when other visitors aren't around.