The ABC's of Healthy Foods

ABCs in food

If you're ever stumped for new healthy foods to try, refer to the list below as there are plenty of foods from A to Z for nutritional variety. Some of the foods are common staples, where some might be unique ones to try.

A – apples, avocado, asparagus

B – blueberries, Brussels sprouts, barley

C – chicken, cherries, cabbage

D – dark chocolate, dry beans

E – eggplant, edamame, eggs

F – flaxseed, fish

G – grapefruit, garlic, ginger

H – herbs

I – ice water

J – jicama, jackfruit

K – kale, kefir

L – lentils, lean protein

M – melon, mango, mushroom

N – nectarines, nuts

O – oats, omega-3 fatty acids

P – pineapple, plums

Q – quinoa

R – raspberries, radish

S – squash, salmon, spinach

T – tuna, tomatoes, tea

U – ugli fruit

V – vegetables (and lots of them!)

W – walnuts, whole grains

X – xtra virgin olive oil

Y – yams, yogurt

Z – zucchini