7 Tips to Prep and Pack a Nutritious Lunch

packing a lunch

It's back to school time! As your child is learning about ABC's and 1,2,3's, it's a great time to start sending them with a healthy lunch. Providing your child with a nutritious lunch will help give them energy and keep their minds sharp later. Look below for some tips about prepping and packing a nutrient rich lunch!

  1. Invest in good reusable containers and box. Choose options that are air-tight and leak proof.

  2. When making your grocery list, ask your child what they would like in their lunch that week. This will give them some input on their lunch choice and they will likely eat more than if you pick all the foods for them.

  3. Set yourself up for success over the weekend or on a calmer evening. Wash and cut fruits and vegetables- if you have multiple containers you can pack several on one day for quicker assembly later in the week.

  4. Designate a time to pack lunches. If your mornings are rushed (as they often tend to be), then pack your lunch at night.

  5. Allow for variety of proteins. Some healthy choices are nut or seed butters, leftover meats from dinner, eggs, chicken or tuna salad, and cheese.

  6. Read labels and measure portion of side options such as chips, crackers, and pretzels

  7. If sweets are permitted, opt for small choices such as 1-2 little cookies or a fun size candy bar. An alternative to daily sweets is choosing one day a week to send a treat.




Anna Nielsen, is a dietitian at SwedishAmerican.