7 Tips to Help Catch Zzzzz's

alarm clock

Few things are more frustrating than being wide awake in bed – and knowing that you have to get to sleep.

If bedtime is more frustrating than enjoyable for you, stay tuned. Here are seven tips to help you catch those all-important Zzzz's:   

  • Quiet down. Use earplugs or white noise to dull those sounds that keep you awake.   
  • Put the phone down. And the tablet. And the laptop. And the TV remote. All of those electronics make it harder for your body to fall asleep!   
  • Give yourself an hour to unwind. Follow the same steps each night as you prepare for bed, signaling to your body that it's getting ready for sleep.   
  • Take a warm bath. The drop in your body temperature when you get out of the tub will slow your body down, preparing it for sleep.   
  • Turn your clock away. Constantly checking the time – and worrying about not getting enough sleep – can actually keep you awake or wake you up. Commit to not watching the clock overnight.   
  • Leave the room. If staying awake has you frustrated, you are not going to fall asleep – but you'll start connecting your bed with a place for worrying, not sleeping. Go into another room and read or find another relaxing activity until you feel sleepy.  
  • Make a to-do list. Putting your tasks on paper lets you set them aside for tomorrow, rather than letting them bounce around in your mind all night.