6 Ways to Boost Your Daily Steps

walking feet

One thing a pedometer definitely will show you: 10,000 steps is a lot!

You've gone for a walk, taken the stairs and parked at the back of the lot but your step counts still come up short. Not to worry! We have a few more ways to help you boost your daily step count.

Break it up. Take a few minutes each hour to get up and move.

Walk your dog! Instead of simply letting him out in the yard, clip on the leash and go for a walk.

Commit to face-to-face conversations at work. Yes, e-mail is easy and phone calls are quick. But walk over to your co-worker's office instead. You might find it improves work communication, too!

Walk-n-talk. Owe mom a phone call? Take a walk while you chat.

Get off the bench. When your kids are on the playground, get out there with them.

While you're hanging with the kids, ask them to teach you about Pokemon Go. You'll have your 10,000 steps in before you know it!