6 Tips to Maximize Your Nurse Time

nurse caring for patient

Want to make the most of your time with a nurse? Whether you're in the doctor's office or hospital, maximize your conversations by following these six tips:

  1. Write a list of questions ahead of time so you remember to ask them. Write down the answers.

  2. If you remain unclear about something the doctor said, ask the nurse to explain it.

  3. Repeat answers back to your nurse, using your own words. Not only does this help you remember the information, but it ensures accurate communication.

  4. Ask your nurse if you need help making an appointment with a specialist, or being connected to another health professional.

  5. Your nurse is there to help you follow through on the doctor's orders. Speak up if you need help paying for medications, securing transportation to appointments or getting home health equipment.

  6. If you are at an appointment with a loved one, ask your nurse what you can do to help.