6 Tips to Keep Skin Soft

woman in winter

There's just never enough lotion this time of year! Even if you don't struggle with chronic dry skin, the cold temps and biting wind of January can really dry you out. That's why SwedishAmerican is here to help you, in honor of National Winter Skin Relief Day, with a few tips to keep your skin supple even on the coldest winter nights.

Turn down the temperature in your shower. You read that right: Experts say it's best for your skin. The hot water will pull even more moisture from your skin, so use a gentle soap in lukewarm water during the winter.

Put a humidifier in your bedroom at night. It could also help you sleep better and cut back on snoring.

Wipe skin dry after washing your hands. Rubbing will irritate the skin more.

Improve your moisturizing routine. If your face still feels dry after your daily moisturizer, look for an oil-based night cream and use it during the day as well.

For truly dry skin, shop for a thick moisturizer. You want something so thick that, when you turn the tub upside down, it won't come out.

Protect your hands. The skin on your hands is thinner than on other parts of your body, so cover them when going in the cold