6 Healthy Ideas for Apples

basket of apples

The apple orchard is a favorite fall destination. Each person may have different things that they look forward to such as visiting the baby goats, searching for the perfect pumpkin, picking raspberries, or wandering throughout the gift shop. However, each person has an ultimate favorite-the apple donuts.  As soon as you step foot out of your parked car, the scent of the donuts has you salivating. Can any amount of health tips sway a person from skipping an apple donut? Here are healthy ideas to use the bushel of apples purchased from the orchard:

1. Grated apple in oatmeal. More fall add-ins to the oatmeal can include pumpkin puree, chopped walnuts, or opt for pear instead of apple.   

2. Roasted chicken thighs with roasted apples. Find this recipe on Cooking Light's webpage.  Pair this dish with Brussels sprouts or side salad.   

3. Apple salad. Make a green salad to include julienned apples. Other salad ingredients can include pecans, dried cranberries, goat cheese, and diced chicken.   

4. Whole grain apple muffins. These could be part of a breakfast or a quick snack. Store extras in the freezer to have on hand for weeks.   

5. Apple crisp. Opt for the healthier and faster version of the dessert. Warm up diced apples, cinnamon, nuts, sprinkle of oats, and a pinch of brown sugar in a microwave safe bowl.   

6. Apples and brie. Impress guests with a different take on cheese and crackers. Serve thinly sliced apples to replace crackers on a cheese board.

Molly Sleger, RD, LDN, CDE, is a dietitian at SwedishAmerican.