5 Ways to Break Sugar Addiction

cup of coffee with sugar cube

If your sweet tooth has started managing your waistline, it might be time to step away from the sugar!

Just like alcohol and tobacco, sugar also can be an addiction – and one that's tough addiction to break. But cutting back on sugar can be good for more than just weight loss. It also boosts heart health, with lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It can clear up your skin, stabilize your mood and improve your memory.

Need we say more? Check out these five ways to break your sugar addiction:   

  • Letting your blood sugar drop will send you scrambling for Oreos. Regulate your blood sugar by eating a healthy breakfast, then eating every 3-4 hours throughout the day, stopping 3 hours before bedtime.   
  • Don't just cut back, cut out. Entirely eliminating sugar, juice, soda and artificial sweeteners can help cut your sugar cravings.   
  • Hit the sack. Poor sleep habits make it hard to resist cravings.   
  • Find low-sugar substitutes. Consider lemon-infused water instead of soda, or a piece of fruit instead of candy.   
  • Drink more milk. Studies suggest that whey protein, found in milk, can give you the same feel-good response as sugar.