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Everyone can use a little healthy advice from time to time. That’s why we created Health Tips—blogs packed with great information to help you and your family stay well. Here you’ll find our doctors and healthy living experts sharing advice in areas like nutrition, exercise, heart health, cancer prevention and more.

A Healthier New Year

We're hoping for a healthier you in 2019! Weight loss is perhaps the most common new year's resolution, and we think that's great! After all, better diet and exercise are just what the doctor ordered.

But so often, January diets fail because...well, because they are diets. It's well documented that lasting weight loss comes from the kind of lifestyle changes that are slow and steady.

To do that, consider adding these tips to your weight loss plan:

Get Organized

Make 2019 the year you keep track of your life!

A Healthy New Year

Trying to eat healthier in 2019? Start by setting realistic mid-year and year-end goals. Our registered dietitian Molly Sleger has some great tips to reach those goals. 

Surviving Winter Break

Here's your chance to teach your family the value of an active lifestyle! When the mid-point of winter break has your kids feeling a bit stir-crazy, join them in burning off some energy. Not only is it good for your body and mind, but it sets a great example for your kids of the ways to stay healthy throughout life.

Tackle the rest of break with these activities:

Healthy Holiday Goodies

Step up your stocking game this Christmas!