BetterLife Wellness
1415 E. State St., Lower Level A3
Rockford, IL 61104

Your Connection To Healthy Living

At BetterLife Wellness, we offer a variety of programs and services to help you and your family achieve wellness goals from healthy cooking and nutrition to personal health coaching and weight management. Our specialists are available to help guide you as you make your connection to healthy living.

Personalized Health Coaching

Health Coaching is a positive supportive relationship between the coach and the person seeking change (member), to empower the member to draw upon his or her own abilities and potentials and to set a plan to accomplish a personally valued goal(s). Guidance, planning, accountability and support are a few of the things a health coach can bring to your life. Sessions can be in person or by phone. The goals you make create a pathway to your wellness vision.

Therapeutic Massage

Using touch to help heal the body and reduce the stress of daily life is not a new concept. Therapeutic massage can help conditions such as muscle spasm and pain, soreness from injury and stress, and headaches and breathing difficulties. Massage also can help reduce swelling, assist in correcting posture and improve range of motion. Our massage therapists are nationally certified and licensed by the State of Illinois. They use various degrees of pressure and a variety of techniques, tailored to the individual and based upon assessment. Massage gift certificates are available.

Weight Management

The combination of tools needed to achieve and maintain a healthy weight are different for everyone. BetterLife Wellness provides personalized nutrition and support options based on what works for you.

Tobacco Cessation Programs

Stop the cycle for good! Learn how to create a personalized plan to overcome your tobacco addiction and start enjoying the benefits of better health. Participants meet in small groups for interactive learning and support.

SwedishAmerican Senior Preferred HMO

SwedishAmerican Senior Preferred is a Medicare Advantage plan that provides access to the doctors and specialists of the SwedishAmerican Health System, including wellness and preventive care designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle. 

As a SwedishAmerican Senior Preferred member, you are eligible to enroll in SwedishAmerican's BetterLife Wellness, which offers comprehensive programs with everything you need to reach your health and fitness goals. You'll also have the support of wellness specialists who can guide you and connect you to the services you need on your journey to better health. You can register for BetterLife Wellness membership here.

SwedishAmerican Senior Preferred is a Medicare Advantage HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in this plan depends on contract renewal. To learn more about the plan,  click here.

Healthy Companies Depend on Healthy Employees 

BetterLife Wellness believes that no company can be truly successful without paying attention to the well-being of their employees—and people can’t be successful without feeling good every day. That’s why, BetterLife Wellness offers ways bring balance to employees physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health.

Our holistic approach, led by a multi-disciplinary team, ensures each employee has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Choosing BetterLife Wellness as your partner in corporate wellness will give your employees access to on-site/near-site and hands-on learning experiences and face-to-face therapeutic interventions.

Click here for more information about our corporate packages.