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See the Orthopedic Specialists at Swedes

Our aim is to get you back to the activities you enjoy!

At Swedes, our orthopedic surgeons and specialists care for patients of all ages, treating diseases and injuries of bones and joints. Whether you’re in the hospital or at one of our clinics, board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians will take care of you using the most advanced surgical techniques.

We offer orthopedic surgical care and medical services, including knee, hip, shoulder and hand surgery, joint replacement and revision surgery, arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine. In our Orthopedic Center, a team of trained surgeons, nurses and therapists offers skilled and compassionate care throughout the entire diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation process. Orthopedic surgeons from Rockford's leading practices all choose SwedishAmerican for their procedures.

Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

Swedes is the only hospital in northern Illinois to receive The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™ for its Joint Replacement Program for healthcare quality and safety. 

Our physicians perform hundreds of hip and knee joint replacement procedures every year, and our physical therapists provide assistance during the rehabilitation process.

Hand Surgery

Swedes treats a wide range of hand injuries and disease, including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, tenosynovitis, ganglion cysts and Dupuytren’s disease. Some of our physicians also provide surgical tendon reconstruction following traumatic laceration to the wrist or fingers.

Sports Medicine

Everyone from the school athlete to the weekend warrior is susceptible to a sports injury, like tennis elbow, wrist tendonitis, shin splints or golfer’s elbow. Athletes are also vulnerable to acute, traumatic injuries such as fractures, strains, sprains and abrasions.

While some athletes may be tempted to ignore the pain, if left untreated, an injury will probably get worse over time. Our sports medicine physicians use a variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques to put athletes back on the playing field.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Minimally-invasive techniques like arthroscopy allows our orthopedic surgeons to see inside your joint without having to make a large incision. We can even repair some types of joint damage with surgical instruments inserted through additional small incisions.

Pediatric Surgery

Our physicians are specially trained in providing fracture care for pediatric injuries to arms and legs, as well as shoulder, elbow, wrist and ankle sprains. In addition, our sports medicine physicians are trained in pediatric knee and shoulder injuries.

Trauma & Fracture Care

All our physicians provide trauma care for a multitude of injuries, using both operative and non-operative treatments.

Some of the injuries we treat on a regular basis include:

  • Clavicle Fractures
  • Scapula Fractures
  • Humerus Fractures
  • Fractures to the Elbow
  • Forearm Fractures
  • Wrist Fractures
  • Hand Fractures
  • Pelvic Fractures
  • Hip Fractures
  • Femur Fractures
  • Fractures to the Knee
  • Tibia/Fibula Fractures
  • Ankle Fractures
  • Foot Fractures