Inpatient Oncology

Cancer Treatment 

SwedishAmerican Hospital’s Inpatient Oncology Unit has 10 dedicated private rooms. There are many amenities available to patients and families, including a Lazy-Boy recliner, TV/DVD, books, movies, a laptop computer with wireless Internet access, and a refrigerator in a comfortable, home-like setting. In addition to beds for family members staying overnight, hotel rooms also are available within the hospital. Other available amenities include a full-size kitchen with refrigerator, toaster oven, coffee pot, kitchen tables and other kitchen accessories. A comfortable living room area with TV also is available. Supporting therapies offered on our inpatient unit include aromatherapy, relaxation music, art therapy and massage therapy.

Working together, an experienced oncology certified nursing staff and oncology educator provide care to hospitalized oncology patients. They are supported by oncology social workers, an oncology dietitian and comfort care specialists who strive to address every patient need.