Understanding Your Bill

Payment Expectations

  • Out of pocket costs; copayment, co-insurance or deductible are due prior to outpatient services.
  • Payment of your full account balance is due 21 days after receiving your first bill. If you cannot pay in full, payment plans can be arranged through Patient Business Services.

Facility and Telehealth Site Fees

Clinics that are owned and operated by SwedishAmerican Hospitals and Clinics are considered outpatient departments of the hospital, sometimes referred to as “provider-based” clinics. This is common in large health care systems. They are considered part of the hospital, even though they are separate from the main hospital and you are not actually hospitalized. These facilities are required to meet strict patient safety standards and follow regulatory requirements of the Centers for Medicare, Medicaid and The Joint Commission. They must also provide separate bills; one from the medical group for the doctor’s professional fees and the other from the hospital for all other costs.

When services are provided by a provider-based clinic, a portion of the billed service is charged as a hospital charge with a facility fee or a telehealth site fee. 

There are signs in all registration areas at clinics where facility fees and telehealth site fees are charged. UW Health also provides a Hospital Outpatient notice at all hospital-owned locations. This information is contained in a brochure about our billing practices, which is included in a packet given to all new patients. Staff in our billing office are available to answer patient questions.

Provider-based Locations

The following are Hospitals and Clinics-owned locations and may have a facility or telehealth site fee:

  • SwedishAmerican Hospital and Clinics (1401 E. State Street)
  • SwedishAmerican Medical Center – Belvidere (1625 S. State Street)
  • Women and Children’s Hospital and Clinics (1350 Charles Street)
  • Renaissance Pavilion Clinics (1340 Charles Street)
  • Ambulatory Rehab Pediatric Therapy Services and Sleep Disorders (209 Ninth Street)
  • Diabetes Self-Management Center (1415 E State Street)
  • Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (8451 Orth Road)
  • Regional Cancer Center (3535 N. Bell School Road)
  • Wound Care and Hyperbaric Clinic (1415 E. State Street)
  • Stateline Physical Therapy (4282 E Rockton Road)
  • Stateline Lab, Radiology and Mammography (4282 E Rockton Road)