Carson Ward

During a hospital stay for heart surgery, we discovered that I had treatable colon cancer, which frightened those close to me more than it did me. I guess I was in denial!

Receiving lots of prayer and support from my friends, and constant encouragement from Dr. Schulz and the entire SwedishAmerican oncology staff, everything went smoothly and on schedule! I can't say enough about those guys!

The horror stories about chemo and radiation never came true. When visiting these labs for treatment and seeing other patients, I would come away saying, "I don't have any problems."

My wife and I refused to let the cancer take over our lives by staying positive, praying for others and attempting to maintain a normal everyday schedule.

Thank you, Dr. Schulz, for your patience and time, and a big "thank-you" to the entire SwedishAmerican oncology staff for making me feel like part of the family.

We feel blessed!