SwedishAmerican Announces $70,000 Donation to Rosecrance

As a long-time leader who collaborates with many organizations and communities dealing with behavioral health services in northern Illinois, SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health is donating $70,000 to Rosecrance to help maintain its behavioral health Triage Program that is threatened to close due to the State of Illinois budget impasse, announced SwedishAmerican President and CEO Dr. Bill Gorski.

Dr. Gorski said this unrestricted, no strings attached donation will assist and help ensure that Rosecrance is able to maintain the critical triage service.

Providing behavioral health services in Rockford for nearly 50 years, SwedishAmerican is the largest in-patient mental health service in the region investing approximately $5 million annually to address the 24-hour a day community need. Upon the closure of Singer, SwedishAmerican and Rosecrance collaborated on approaches to serve both out-patient, in-patient, and the emergency needs of the behavioral health patients in our region.

“We know first-hand and on the front-line the serious issues that many in our community experience,” says Dr. Gorski. “We worked diligently with Rosecrance to develop the triage program which was a response to the State’s closing of Singer. The lack of state funding and two years without a state budget must be resolved before this community and vulnerable patients reach points of no return.”

Dr. Gorski said as with multiple agencies and health care providers, SwedishAmerican has been negatively impacted by the lack of a state budget. He added that this donation and those of other private and public institutions is critical to address a short-term need but cannot be sustained in the long-term.

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Katryna Kirby