Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at Swedes

Whether you’re satisfied or searching, volunteering makes life more meaningful. Helping others for just a few hours a week can improve your outlook, self-respect and spiritual well-being. And there is a social benefit as well. Swedes volunteers enjoy the privilege of working with some of the nicest people in the community. Our employees and volunteers make friendliness and compassion high priorities. Many new friendships and supportive relationships come from serving side by side with others. 

Volunteers are asked to make a minimum service commitment of 50 hours over a three month period.

*SwedishAmerican volunteer services does not offer fulfillment of community service hours.

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There are many opportunities available, including:

Some of our visitors need a little extra help getting from one location to another. Way-finders walk with our guests and assist our hospital escorts in getting people where they need to go.

Wheeling patients from their room to the front door can take a little muscle, but it helps them with the happiest part of their hospital experience: going home!

Provide support and encouragement to patients with the timely delivery of best wishes sent from family and friends.

Assist customers with purchases, staff with supplies, and being generally available as needed.

Helping our nursing staff with administrative support and our visitors with hospitality needs in designated patient care areas.

To improve how we deliver care, we are seeking people who are willing to speak about their experiences at Swedes in an honest and constructive manner. We are looking for a wide and diverse group of people who reflect our patient population. All patients and family members who have had an experience with Swedes in the last two years are encouraged to apply.