InnovaMed-Skin Rejuvenation-Get A Fresh Start For Spring

Ask the Experts: Skin Rejuvenation-Get a Fresh Start for Spring

March 20, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Join the experts from InnovaMed Aesthetics to learn more about how non-invasive cosmetic procedures can give you a new start for spring!  You'll also learn about skin enhancements and proper skincare. All of this will have you looking your best as you leave behind the dreary winter months!

SwedishAmerican Hospital, conference rooms 5 & 6. (Enter through the Heart Hospital on Charles Street.)

Presented by SwedishAmerican InnovaMed Aesthetics: Susan DeGuide, MD, Linda Razbadouski, MD, Sarah Ramirez, Licensed Esthetician, and Debra Marks, Aesthetic Coordinator.

For more information, please call InnovaMed Aesthetics at 779-696-8351.