Perfect Spring Citrus

As we begin to move away from cold weather and warm comfort foods into outdoor activities and sunshine, at the top of many minds - and grocery lists - are fresh fruit and summer salads. These refreshing foods are often associated with backyard BBQs, family gatherings, and happiness, but did you know one key element in many of these foods not only adds bright flavors but also packs an incredible boost for the immune system? 

Vitamin C is 1 of 13 essential vitamins and its benefits are long:

-Lowering the incidence of

Sourdough is King

Sourdough and Tiger King got us through March 2020. It wasn’t that long ago that grocery stores were suddenly out of yeast.  Lack of yeast and an abundance of time at home resulted in a sourdough bread trend. This was the first-ever trend that I was ahead of. I had been baking sourdough for over a year at that point. Let’s rekindle the sourdough trend.

Sourdough bread doesn’t require many ingredients: flour, salt, water. A few key tools are required as well: food thermometer, dough scraper, kitchen scale, woven basket, and a dutch oven.