Super Sunday Snacks

Get ready for the big game! It's time for some great football along with entertaining commercials. The last thing to do is prep your food line-up! Keep things easy with a few simple snacks and an entrée soup so you're not in the kitchen missing the whole game. Here's a few suggestions to add more enjoyment to your day.

Appetizers (pick 2 to 3)

Avoiding Winter Germs

It’s been a mild winter for weather, but not for illness! As the flu rampages through many states, keep your little ones healthy and safe this winter.

Start with the way your kids dress to go outside. For babies and toddlers, add one extra layer than you would wear outside, and limit outdoor time. School-aged children do best with warm boots, waterproof gloves and a hat. For teens? Well, if you figure out how to get them into a coat, please share your genius with us!

Warm Up This Winter

Soups are the salads of winter. While winter can chill you to the bone and dry out your skin, soup can keep you warm and hydrated. Including soup into your meal plan can provide a wide variety of nutrition including fiber, iron, folate, calcium.

Soup tips:

Creamy or Crunchy?

What's more American than apple pie? Peanut butter. It's cheap, nutritious (protein and unsaturated fat) and has a long shelf life. The suggested peanut butter by health professions is a natural peanut butter. Glance at the ingredient list. Nutritious peanut butter is made up of peanuts and maybe a little salt and no palm oil.

Annoyed that natural peanut butter is to be store in the fridge? Go rogue and keep it in the cupboard to avoid tearing delicate bread.

How many ways is there to enjoy peanut butter?

Drink to Your Health

Cozy up with a cup of tea and drink to your health! Research tells us that green tea has particularly impressive healing properties that improve your well-being. So whether your tea is served hot or iced, reach for a green tea packet to embrace some of these benefits: