Does Wine have Health Benefits

It’s National Wine Day! We’ve all heard that red wine offers some health benefits, though some of the studies are up for debate. Who better to discuss the topic than a one of our cardiologists?!

Elizabeth Zook, APRN is our newest addition at the Heart Institute. With board certification in family practice and a special interest in cardiac health, holistic medicine and preventive medicine, she received her medical degree from Walden University in Minneapolis. She offers the following thoughts on the benefits of wine.

Positive Body Image

You want your nine-year-old’s biggest worries to what vegetables mom puts on her plate and wondering whether the tooth fairy will co

Dad's Guide to Winning Mother's Day

Hey guys, want to win at Mother’s Day this year? Women can be hard to buy for, we know. Some don’t like massages. Some sneeze at the sight of flowers. Some moms want a day with their children. Some moms want a day with no one! Young moms are more apt to want sleep, while moms of teens would cherish new memories. But here are a few things you can do that are bound to be a hit, no matter the mama:

Summers are for Safe Sitters

School’s almost out! With only a few weeks left in the school year, many parents are busy lining up baby-sitters for the summer. But how do you know if you’ve got a “Safe Sitter” or if your own young teen is ready to take on the responsibility? Our resident child safety expert and EMS educator Penny Lentz has some guidelines.

Bike Safety Tips

Before the kids take their bikes out this spring remember these easy safety tips:

Benefits of Guacamole

While Cinco de Mayo started as a day to remember the Mexican victory over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, many of us today see it as a day to celebrate Mexican culture and food. And one of the main stars of every Mexican meal -  the guacamole! Lucky for us guac lovers, this side has a ton of nutritional benefits. Anna Nielsen, one of our dietitians, breaks it down:

Hand Sanitizer vs Soap

The first step toward health is banishing germs! That's why our staff takes hand washing pretty seriously here at Swedes. But did you know that you play a role in keeping our hospital safe?

Patients and visitors are at risk of catching germs, even as they are in the hospital being treated for something else. That's why hand hygiene is so important within the hospital walls!