Snow Day Boredom-busters

Trapped inside on a snow day....again? When it's time to turn the television off but you aren't sure what to do with your stir-crazy clan, test out one -- or all! -- of these five indoor boredom-busters.

Benefits of Tea

January is National Hot Tea Month! Our Registered Dietitian Molly Sleger says there are loads of benefits in a cup, including hydration, warmth and antioxidants. Here are a few of her “Tea Facts.”

A Healthy Breakfast

January is National Oatmeal Month! Oatmeal happens to be a favorite food of our Registered Dietitian, Molly Sleger. She says that the two best benefits of the oatmeal is it helps lower cholesterol and helps prevent constipation. And any kind of oats will do! Molly says instant oats, old-fashioned oats and steel cut oats are all very similar in nutrition content. She has these great tips on making oatmeal a filling meal! 

Make 2019 A Healthier New Year

We're hoping for a healthier you in 2019! Weight loss is perhaps the most common new year's resolution, and we think that's great! After all, better diet and exercise are just what the doctor ordered.

But so often, January diets fail because...well, because they are diets. It's well documented that lasting weight loss comes from the kind of lifestyle changes that are slow and steady.

To do that, consider adding these tips to your weight loss plan:

Get Organized

Make 2019 the year you keep track of your life!

A Healthy New Year

Trying to eat healthier in 2019? Start by setting realistic mid-year and year-end goals. Our registered dietitian Molly Sleger has some great tips to reach those goals.