Healthy Tips for Your Turkey Day

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5 Ways to Break Sugar Addiction

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Three Steps in Advance Care

What if you were in an accident and couldn't speak for yourself? That's where advance care planning comes in. It allows you to decide in advance what sort of treatment you should receive.

7 Tips to Help Catch Zzzzz's

If bedtime is more frustrating than enjoyable for you, stay tuned. Here are seven tips to help you catch those all-important Zzzz's:

Advance Directives

The best time to complete an advance directive is now, before a crisis hits. Even though these conversations are difficult, by planning ahead you get the care you want and avoid unnecessary suffering

In need of an afternoon siesta? There are good reasons to do it!

Science proves that napping lowers stress, increases energy and enhances your mood when you haven't had enough sleep at night. It can even improve creativity and productivity.