Take time for YOU!

Breast cancer is easiest to fight when doctors find it early. Know your risks, be aware of your body and schedule your mammogram.

Going Easy on the Pumpkin Spice Craze

I remember in college loving all foods pumpkin. I even have an orange-stained Spanish literature book as a result of a knocked over pumpkin spice latte to show my past love for the orange squash.

6 Healthy Ideas for Apples

The apple orchard is a favorite fall destination. Can any amount of health tips sway a person from skipping an apple donut? Here are healthy ideas to use the bushel of apples purchased from the orchard:

We Think Halloween is Spook-tacular!

Help keep your ghosts and goblins safe with these tips from Penny Lentz, Safe Kids Winnebago County Coalition Coordinator:

5 Heart-Boosting Supplements

Good heart health isn't quite as easy as popping a pill. But there are a few nutritional supplements that can help!

Know Your Risk

For the development of breast cancer, there are many risk factors that you can control and many which you cannot. Learn what they are.

It's Not All About Body Shape or Size

Going in for their first mammograms, women tend to hear a term they're not very familiar with: "Dense breast tissue."

Mammogram Myths Busted!

We know about the recommendation to get an annual mammogram, but some people have reservations about actually doing it.