Senior Leadership

Michael J. Born, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jedediah Cantrell
Vice President of Operations
Don F. Daniels
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Patti DeWane
Vice President, Finance & Treasurer
Timothy Flynn, MD
President of the SwedishAmerican Medical Group
Ann M. Gantzer
Vice President, Health and Patient Services - Chief Nursing Officer
Gerard Guinane
Vice President, Human Resources
Sheryl Johnson
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Noel D. Nickel
Vice President of Population Health
Michael Polizzotto, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Information Officer
Julia N. Zimmerman
Vice President, SwedishAmerican Medical Group and Regional Development

SwedishAmerican Board of Directors:

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Board, 2nd Vice Chair    
Mike Broski
Danny Copeland, MD    
Mike Dallman
Pat Derry    
Robert Flannery
Eric Fulcomer, PhD    
William Gorski, MD (Ex-Officio)
Helen Hill    
Mike Houselog, PhD
Jeff Hultman    
Gregory Jury
Jeff Kaney

Kathleen Kelly, MD
Marco Lenis    
Bill Roop, 1st Vice Chair
Dan Ross, Chair    
David Rydell
Steve Sjogren    
Tom Walsh, Immediate Past Chair
Frank Walter    
Amy Wilcox
Allen Williams, MD

Ex-Officio Member:
Michael J. Born, MD (Board of Trustees & Directors)