SwedishAmerican Uses Life-Sized Patient Simulator to Train Nursing Staff

SwedishAmerican recently purchased a new life-sized, adult patient simulator to train its nursing staff in the new simulation lab located on the 3rd floor of the hospital. SimMan 3G is an advanced patient simulator that is designed to deliver the most realistic training possible while remaining easy to operate.

SimMan 3G is a wireless human patient simulator that represents an average-size adult patient. It comes with a long list of features to train and teach new and experienced nursing staff, including airway and breathing complications, bodily fluid excretion, convulsions, bleeding and wounds, pharmacology, vascular access, chest decompression and chest drain and more.

“Our nursing professional development team is extremely excited to have this new training technology for our nurses and nursing students,” says SwedishAmerican Nurse Professional Practice Director Jason Bauer. “This simulator will allow us to train our staff on some of the most complicated emergency scenarios which will ultimately help us minimize the possibility of errors.”

SimMan 3G is completely wireless and designed using the most cutting-edge technology, offering numerous simulation possibilities for variable locations and mobility. The simulator is controlled by a tablet and can be operated from anywhere in a room.

To learn more about SimMan 3G, please visit www.laerdal.com/us/SimMan3G.

For further information, contact:

Katryna Kirby