SwedishAmerican Uses Life-Sized Birthing Simulators to Train Providers & Nursing Staff

SwedishAmerican recently purchased a new life-sized, high-tech birth simulator to help educate Labor & Delivery unit providers and nurses, and ultimately improve health outcomes for moms and their newborn babies. Birthing simulator “Victoria” is a life-sized training tool that looks and feels like a full-term mother in labor. The hospital also purchased “Baby Hal,” a high-fidelity newborn simulator.

Victoria contains a rechargeable battery that can run for approximately eight hours, providing a “tether-free” birthing scenario that closely mimics a true labor and delivery experience. The simulator is preprogrammed with more than 30 different types of potential outcomes, from a low-risk vaginal birth to a C-section. Additional complications such as placenta previa and cord prolapse can be simulated, and equipment used on actual patients also can be used on the Victoria unit.

The newborn simulator, Baby Hal, moves, cries, has a heart rate, and looks and feels like a real newborn. Baby Hal also has the capability to simulate normal and abnormal newborn activity after birth, which helps strengthen the nursing staff’s assessment skills. Nursing staff can practice various types of procedures to mimic the skills necessary to care for newborns in the Mother Baby Unit and in our Special Care Nursery. High-fidelity simulation is an evidenced-based education tool that strengthens nurses’ critical thinking and experience with patient care scenerios.

“We are very excited to have this new training technology for our providers, nurses and students,” says SwedishAmerican Nurse Educator Lorna Utley. “Both simulators allow us to train our staff on some of the most complicated birthing scenarios, which ultimately helps us to minimize the possibility of errors and increase efficiency.”

Both simulators are controlled with a tablet and can be operated from as far as 300 feet away. Sensors can track the course of birth and provide information that can later be used to review practitioner and nurse performance.

To learn more about simulators Victoria and Baby Hal, visit www.gaumard.com/s2200.

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