SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

The SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center, developed in collaboration with UW Health and its nationally recognized University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, is pleased to announce the celebration of its fourth anniversary.

Throughout the week of October 16, the center will celebrate its anniversary with a variety of festive internal activities and celebrations for staff and patients. At the end of the week, the staff will celebrate with a cookout.

The Regional Cancer Center is continuing to provide greater and more convenient local access to medical specialties, research and physicians from the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center. More than 76 doctors from UW Health are on SwedishAmerican’s medical staff, representing more than 17 different specialties. Specifically, the hospital hosts a number of UW surgical oncologists who specialize in areas such as breast, gynecology, hepatobiliary and head and neck at the Regional Cancer Center and various other clinics throughout the SwedishAmerican system weekly.

“We are extremely excited to celebrate our fourth anniversary. Time has certainly flown by,” says SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center Director Diane Scoville. “The Regional Cancer Center is more than just a beautiful building, it’s a place where patients and families feel welcomed during their cancer journey, a place that provides a soothing environment both inside and out and a place where patients receive advanced treatments by the region’s top specialists.”

So far in calendar year 2017, the Regional Cancer Center has diagnosed 963 new oncologist and hematology patients and has recorded approximately 51,459 total visits including 8,900 chemotherapy treatments; 14,111 lab visits; 1,115 PET/CT scans; 7,400 radiation oncology treatments; 112 bone marrow biopsies and 420 radiology procedures.

To learn more about SwedishAmerican’s Regional Cancer Center, please call (779) 696-9400.