ROCKFORD, Illinois – SwedishAmerican is pleased to announce this year’s Daisy Foundation Nurse of the Year Award winner is Rachel Galliano.

A pediatric registered nurse for SwedishAmerican, Galliano was surprised with the award by her colleagues at an awards ceremony honoring National Nurses Week at SwedishAmerican Hospital. The Daisy Award was one of several honors handed out during the event.

Co-workers nominated Galliano with the following story:

“When a child presented to the pediatric unit as result of sustained abuse, Rachel went above and beyond providing medical care and patient education information to this vulnerable patient. She understood that this child was in a fragile emotional state and skillfully provided age-appropriate information in small tidbits, including role-modeling a healthy and appropriate adult-child relationship and how the child would have to modify personal hygiene methods moving forward.

Upon discharge, Rachel gave the child a guardian angel figurine, a physical embodiment of Rachel’s love, care and brightest hopes for this child. When the child was asked by other staff members what she wanted to be when she grew up, the child replied with a smile, “I want to be a nurse.’”

The Daisy Foundation was established by Mark and Bonnie Barnes to honor the exceptional nursing care their son, Patrick, received while battling ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura). By honoring the nurses who go “above and beyond” with the Daisy Award, healthcare organizations have an outstanding tool to add focus to their patient/family-centered care throughout the year.

 Other award winners from Tuesday’s Nurses Week event:

  • Nichole Burfield, Transformational Leader Nurse of the Year
  • Santa Romero-Arvidson, Structural Empowerment Nurse of the Year
  • Breann Vucsko, Exemplary Professional Practice Nurse of the Year
  • Jennifer “Ginger” El Brichi, New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Nurse of the Year
  • Nicholas Russell, Allied Professional Help Award
  • Grace Hipe, Preceptor Inpatient Nurse of the Year Award
  • Scott Roberts, Preceptor Outpatient Nurse of the Year Award
  • Amanda Huber, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse of the Year Award
  • Jennifer Timbush, BEE Award