SwedishAmerican Pharmacy Hires One-of-a-Kind Inpatient Medication Access Specialist

The Pharmacy Department at SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health is excited to announce it has added a new, one-of-a-kind, pharmacy technician position to its growing team. Paige Roop is the new Inpatient Medication Access Specialist (iMAS) at SwedishAmerican. This role is new not only to SwedishAmerican, but to all hospitals in Rockford.

Known as the iMAS technician, Paige plays a key role in assisting patients with expensive medication co-pays they may encounter when being discharged from the hospital. She collects information from the clinical staff, investigates the benefits and coverage, gathers cost-saving coupons, and provides all of this information to the patient before they leave their hospital bed.

Additionally, patients are able to get their prescriptions filled and delivered to their bedside from the SwedishAmerican Outpatient Pharmacy through its Med-to-Bed program, an initiative that started in 2014.

“In the short-time Paige has been a part of our team at SwedishAmerican, she has been able to save our patients more than $5,700 on their new medications,” says SwedishAmerican Pharmacy Director Tom Carey. “This exciting role is only the beginning for this new position that is unique to SwedishAmerican and we know that many more patients will benefit from this new service.”

To learn more about SwedishAmerican’s Pharmacy and the Inpatient Medication Access Specialist, call (779) 696-1130.