SwedishAmerican Once Again Named Anticoagulation Center of Excellence

SwedishAmerican is pleased to announce that it has once again been named an “Anticoagulation Center of Excellence” by the Anticoagulation Forum, a multidisciplinary non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of care for patients taking antithrombotic medications, otherwise known as blood thinners. SwedishAmerican’s Anticoagulation Clinic is only one of two clinics in Illinois to be noted as a Center of Excellence.

“We are extremely pleased to have passed the Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence assessment for the third time,” said Ammie Hodges, PharmD, BCPS, CACP, Supervisor of SwedishAmerican’s Anticoagulation Clinic. “SwedishAmerican is dedicated to actively participating in all aspects of our patients’ care, which is the best way to improve health outcomes.”


The Anticoagulation Center of Excellence program helps healthcare professionals provide the highest level of care and achieve the highest possible outcomes for patients on antithrombotic medications. The program offers a roadmap to consistent, sustainable excellence in five key areas of patient care. Because it successfully met rigorous standards in each patient care pillar, SwedishAmerican may be considered an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence for two years. 

SwedishAmerican’s Anticoagulation Clinic is comprised of a team of pharmacists certified in anticoagulation care. Patients are referred by physicians within the health system to help optimize anticoagulation therapy patient safety. The clinic performs lab monitoring, education, dosage adjustments and peri-procedural planning. It was established in the spring of 2012, has been growing steadily and continues to accept new patients from SwedishAmerican Medical Group clinics.

 To learn more about the program, please visit www.excellence.acforum.org or call the SwedishAmerican Pharmacy at (779) 696-4578.