SwedishAmerican Launches Epic For Integrated Patient Care

After three years of preparation in collaboration with University of Wisconsin Health, SwedishAmerican launched Epic, the most widely-used and comprehensive health records system, on July 1. Epic replaced SwedishAmerican’s previous medical records software from GE.

With the launch of Epic, each patient seen at a UW or SwedishAmerican site has one, integrated record across the system. The switch will streamline services, such as scheduling, clinical applications, billing, and population health initiatives.

“Epic makes it easier for our providers to communicate and access the information they need to care for their patients,” said Dr. Michael Polizzotto, CMIO. “Now our providers, administrators, and staff are all using a single platform for patient care across SwedishAmerican and UW Health.”

All organizations using Epic interoperate , which means that providers at SwedishAmerican also have the ability to easily and securely exchange data with providers at other sites. The access to a patient’s full story gives providers increased ability to personalize care, close care gaps, and reduce duplication.

Patients seen at SwedishAmerican can sign up for MyChart, a portal that allows patients and their designated caregivers to access their health information, communicate with providers, schedule appointments, and pay bills using an app or webpage on their phone or computer.

“We’re focused on putting our patients across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin in the center of their own wellness,” said Polizzotto. “MyChart gives patients a new way to connect directly with their provider and access their own health information online as easily as they can check the weather from their phone.”