SwedishAmerican Foundation Announces Caring For Our Community Grant Program

The SwedishAmerican Foundation is excited to announce it will award grants through its second annual Caring For Our Community grant program. The Foundation will provide financial support to not-for-profit organizations, particularly those that complement the SwedishAmerican Foundation mission and vision. The grant application will be available Thursday, March 1 through Sunday, April 15.

This unique opportunity is available for not-for-profit entities, organizations that serve or represent the Rockford community, or communities within the service area of SwedishAmerican. Projects should support alleviating homelessness, hunger and un(under)employed, improve wellness, expand early childhood development and improve offender rehabilitation/reintegration. Capital requests will not be accepted.

“For over 20 years the SwedishAmerican Foundation has had the privilege of reaching beyond the walls of our hospital and making significant investments in our community,” says SwedishAmerican Foundation Director Laura Wilkinson. “We’re excited to offer this grant, yet again this year, to local non-profits who have a vision of making a difference in our community.”

In order to be considered, all grants must be submitted to the SwedishAmerican Foundation by 5 PM on Sunday, April 15. Grants will be awarded once per year in August.

To apply and view the SwedishAmerican Foundation Caring For Our Community grant application and guidelines, please visit www.swedishamericanfoundation.org or call the Foundation at (779) 696-2496.