SwedishAmerican EMS Department Provides $7,200 Worth of AEDs to Rochelle Community

The SwedishAmerican Emergency Management Services (EMS) department is excited to announce it is providing four automated external defibrillators (AEDs) worth $7,200 to the Rochelle Fire Department, Ogle County Sherriff’s Tactical Medical Team, and the Rochelle Junior Tackle program. The opportunity was made possible through the SwedishAmerican Foundation.

AEDs will be placed at the Rochelle Fire Department and with the Ogle County Sherriff’s Department SWAT Team. First responders and local residents who fall victim to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can count on these AEDs to save their lives. Parents of Junior Tackle athletes can rest easy knowing there is help available if an emergency situation occurs.

“We’re extremely thankful to the SwedishAmerican EMS department and Foundation for providing us with four AEDs to use throughout the community,” says Rochelle Fire Chief David Sawlsville. “You never know when someone is going to experience SCA. It’s great knowing we will have AEDs in place in case emergencies arise.”

More than 350,000 people will suffer from sudden cardiac arrest this year in the U.S. Thousands of lives can be saved through the public access to AEDs. They are small, portable devices used to identify cardiac rhythms and deliver shock to correct abnormal electrical activity in the heart.

“We are pleased to assist the community of Rochelle with expanding their emergency response efforts with these lifesaving AEDs,” says SwedishAmerican EMS Manager Tom Pratt. “SwedishAmerican cares for the Rochelle community and is committed to spreading health and wellness awareness to children, teens, adults and seniors in the area and throughout northern Illinois.”

In 2015, SwedishAmerican EMS department and SwedishAmerican Medical Group provided grants to the Rockford School District and Harlem School District to support life-saving CPR and AED training. Students learned adult and child CPR and how to use an AED. Additionally, SwedishAmerican’s EMS staff provided CPR training for teachers and nurses in the districts.

To learn more about the SwedishAmerican EMS department, please call (779) 696-6082.

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Katryna Kirby