SwedishAmerican Delivers New Birthing Options for Women in Labor

SwedishAmerican delivers the most babies in Rockford and is excited to offer new options for women giving birth. SwedishAmerican recently purchased six wireless baby monitors, allowing expectant mothers to have more freedom and mobility during labor. The hospital also offers peanut balls, a therapy ball that is shaped like a peanut, to help keep women comfortable during labor. Additionally, the hospital has jet tubs in all of its patient rooms to allow women the comfort of laboring naturally while in the water.

The wireless baby monitors allow women freedom and flexibility during labor. Typically, women are hooked up to monitors and IV’s that don’t allow them to move about the room. The wireless baby monitors allow women to move around more freely, improving the birthing experience. Moms can walk the halls and be engaged in different types of birthing options while still being monitored. Additionally, women can labor in the water and still be observed as the system also is waterproof.

According to The Journal of Perinatal Education, the peanut ball provides an option for reducing risks associated with primary cesarean surgery. The recent study also explains that the C-section rate for women who used the ball was 13 percentage points less than for the group that did not use the peanut ball. Peanut balls are oblong shaped, larger on each end and slightly narrower in the middle. The peanut ball is most commonly used when women need to remain in bed, whether due to an epidural use, complications, or simply because they are exhausted.

Hydrotherapy, defined as the therapeutic use of warm water, is a proven and natural remedy for women in labor. Laboring in a jet tub is an option for women who are looking for ways to avoid the use of painkillers and anesthetic drugs. Immersion in warm water raises the body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased circulation. It also helps with fluid retention and swelling and eases tension in women’s shoulders and back.

“SwedishAmerican is always looking for ways to improve the patient experience for women giving birth,” says SwedishAmerican Labor & Delivery Operational Supervisor Sara Gaddini. “All three options allow laboring women to have a more pleasant birthing experience and we are proud to offer these services to all of our patients.”

For more information on SwedishAmerican’s birthing options, please call the Labor & Delivery department at (779) 696-4906.

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