SwedishAmerican Announces No Shave November Challenge Winners

During the month of November, SwedishAmerican hosted a “No Shave November Challenge” in support of men’s cancer awareness. This year the organization challenged its own male employees, as well as men from the community and local news media, to grow out their facial hair and get the conversation flowing about men’s health!

More than 6,000 people voted for their favorite bearded man in three different categories. Today, SwedishAmerican announced the winners at its annual No Shave November Bash.

•Favorite Bearded Swedes Man – Keith Hoerth, Lab Director
•Favorite Bearded Community Man – Jason Beckett
•Favorite Bearded Media Man – Sean Henry, B103

“Many health problems, including prostate cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer, are highly treatable when detected early,” says SwedishAmerican President and CEO Dr. Bill Gorski, who is a prostate cancer survivor. “As men, we owe it to ourselves, and to our children and families, to take charge of our health. This means paying attention to unusual symptoms, finding a family physician if you don't have one, and making an appointment to discuss age-appropriate screenings. The more we talk about men's health, the better!”

Each winner received a $250 VISA card and consolation winners won a free razor and shaving cream. SwedishAmerican would like to thank its staff, community members and media partners who participated in the No Shave November challenge this year.

For further information, contact:

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